Smart things property developers are doing to sell more homes in 2018


Five smart things to include in new build homes

People want to feel safe, secure, and in control of their home. It is easier today than it has ever been, and go-to property developers are thinking ‘smart’ to sell more homes. Today’s tech-savvy renter or owner wants to connect to their home. The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home technology make this connectivity a reality. Millennials are happier to spend more to rent or buy a property that benefits from being ‘smart’.

This article examines the top smart technologies sought by today’s homebuyers, renters, and property investors. Combining these into property design could help property developers sell more homes at higher prices.

1.    Smart heating

Energy consumption is one of the top concerns of the modern resident, and smart meters help to monitor and control energy use and utility bills. However, this is not enough today. Millennials want to be connected to their thermostats, with smart appliances learning the resident’s preferences over time.

Smart thermostats should improve the living experience and reduce energy costs, and that’s a powerful message when selling a property.

2.    Smart leak detection

Homes are full of pipes and moving water and gas. Developers are used to providing safety equipment such as fire alarms and smoke detectors, but should they go further and provide a complete leak detection package?

Smart leak detection systems monitor plumbing. They ensure that any leak is detected automatically, and an alarm raised immediately. People who are out of the house can disconnect the water supply, a remedial action that could save hundreds or even thousands of pounds in water costs.

Additionally, moisture build-up can be prevented, and mould and mildew problems eliminated.

3.    Smart kitchen solutions

Anything that makes the kitchen a more streamlined experience should help sell homes. What might the smart kitchen include? Here are a few ideas:

  • Smart fridges that allow the resident to display their calendar, play their favourite music, and monitor use of groceries, ordering foodstuffs automatically.
  • Smart waste bins with barcode swipes. The barcode of a package is swiped on its way into the bin, and the item is automatically added to the shopping list on the resident’s shopping list app.
  • Smart coffee machines, allowing the resident to connect as they approach home, so a freshly brewed coffee is waiting when they arrive.
  • Smart kitchen memos, enabling family members to leave messages for each other while connected remotely.
  • And, of course, Wi-Fi-connected cookers and ovens that allow the resident to heat up pre-prepared meals so that they are piping hot when needed.

4.    Smart doors and gates

Doors and gates that can be controlled remotely offer many advantages. When locked, gates offer extra security, but a locked gate also means that deliveries cannot be made, or house sitters cannot gain access. Being able to control gates and garage doors remotely mean never missing a delivery again.

5.    Smart home security

Today’s renters and homeowners are acutely security minded. Burglar alarms are a good deterrent, but only 40% of homes in the UK have them. And a third of these are never set when the resident leaves home. Wi-Fi-controlled security devices, which allow constant monitoring of the home, are a definite selling feature. Options that appeal to buyers and renters include:

  • Video doorbells
  • CCTV cameras around the home
  • Connected alarm systems with remote operation
  • Smart door locks, remotely controlled
  • Security lighting with motion detectors

In 2018, the trend for new homes to be built ‘smart’ is likely to gather pace. It should be easier for developers to sell homes that offer the above benefits to buyers, and property investors should find they can command premium rents when letting homes with these advantages built in. As the population of property buyers becomes increasingly tech-savvy, developers who sell these needs could see their sales numbers beat market averages.

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