Asian exhibition sales

Asian Exhibitions are too Hit and Miss now!

We are hearing it all the time now “Asian Exhibitions are too Hit and Miss now! They are too costly and provide no certainty of sales!”

If you’re looking to market into the main Asian marketplaces you could be in for a hefty bill will little result.

The Asian exhibition market used to be a certainty and sales could almost be counted on as the UK was still in the grips of recession. However with Asian markets and investors becoming more cautious the certainty has waned.

Singapore has been hit particularly hard from the TDSR (Total Debt Service Ratio) which limits the amount of debt allowed on both Singapore and overseas property. Add to this the currency fluctuations and the uncertainty of the UK election and you can understand why things have been shaky.

Hong Kong (with its mainland Chinese investors) has also slowed in part due to the looming threat of interest rate increases and Chinese Government Anti-graft measures.

However despite all this the market remains strong and as always good property, priced well will sell.

The most important thing to note is that investors in Asia now know what to expect, many own multiple properties and they will very quickly pick up on potential problems with a development being marketed at exhibition.

So how do Castlereach ensure that you get the sales you want from your exhibition?

1. The answer is that we already have the buyers lined up, through our existing database of over 50,000 active investors.
2. Our dedicated telesales teams are already in relationship with those very investors who will be buying your property.
3. We continuously follow up and nurture well past the exhibition.

Whether you choose to use Castlereach for your exhibition or not we can piggyback either before or after your exhibition, securing off-market sales that won’t compete with your efforts.

Give the team a call on +44 207 923 5680 and we can explain in detail how we can help you get Guaranteed sales for your New Build Developments.

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